Bowed or Leaning Walls

Buckling and bowing foundation walls is a result of hydrostatic pressure. Mid American Piering's solutions can provide long term solutions for these types of problems. We have several methods we can utilize depending on your situation.

St. Louis Bowed Wall RepairMid America Piering's Helical Tieback System
is a proven method to restore walls back to original position and can be installed quickly in your structure. The tieback anchor is installed horizontally through the foundation or retaining wall and driven to an engineered specification and required torque. Then a steel wall bracket is installed on the wall to divert and distribute the pressure.

This system provides a quick and easy installation, it is portable, and can be installed in contained areas. We can restore the wall back to it’s original position and stabilize it against future movement.

Illinois Foundation RepairMid America Piering’s Concrete Wall Anchor
stabilizes and straightens walls using a steel rod to divert and distribute the pressure on the walls.

The rod is inserted through the foundation or retaining wall and anchored with a steel bracket on either end of the rod.

The bracket located inside is secured with a bolt and will be adjusted to continuously straighten the wall as much as structurally possible. The other end is a stationary steel anchor and held in place with a concrete deadmen designed to hold the anchor in place.

This system will give your wall the stability it needs and prevent future damage.

St. Louis Foundation Wall RepairMid America Piering’s Interior Wall Stress Bracing
uses a steel beam to support and stabilize bowing and buckling in foundation walls.

Shoring is used to suppor the housing frame and divert the weight of the adjacent walls and floors away from the foundation wall.

Steel beams which extend from the floor joist to the footing are installed to stabilize the foundation wall.

Illinois Wall Crack RepairIn addition, fractures in the foundation walls and concrete are repaired with an epoxy to seal and bond broken sections.

Proper drainage is installed to reduce hydrostatic pressure, preventing future damage and deterioration of foundation walls. Wall Stress Bracing is an economical solution to stabilizing deterioration and movement in foundation walls.


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