St. Louis Foundation Settlement

Mid America Piers

Mid America Piers are hydraulically driven down to support strata, or bedrock, to reposition and secure foundations, walls, and floors from further movement.

The steel piers are steel tubes attached to the footing or installed under the footing of a structure with foundation support brackets.

Our steel piers are round mechanical tubing of 1015 – 1020 carbon steel, three inch diameter with .134 and .250 inch wall thickness. Each steel pier is designed support more than the total load placed on it and each piering system is designed specifically for the structure it will support. Mid America Piers are field tested for load strength and have been used to depths over 100 feet to not only stop vertical settlement, but to actually raise and realign heavy structures. Thicker tubing, designed to individual specifications allows us to accommodate heavier than normal building loads.

Using a three by three foot hand-excavated opening to reach the footing, Mid America Piers are hydraulically driven using a frictionless end attached to the first section of each steel pier. The frictionless end increases the surface bearing to bedrock, displacing a greater volume of soil as the steel tubing is being driven, resulting in less wall friction during the installation process and eliminating additional damage to the structure.

The tubing is installed, one three foot section at a time, to bedrock or to a measured design load strength. Each three foot section of tubing is connected by a specially machined steel sleeve fitting designed to align and firmly connect the sections, insuring a continuous steel pier.

The Mid America Piering System uses steel brackets to support the piers used to stabilize a structure. Brackets installed under the footing and the steel piers are driven through the round steel weldment attached to each bracket. We have several types of foundation structural support brackets available for various types of foundation walls and footings. Each bracket design has been lab and field tested.

No stabilization system is better than the engineering and manufacturing competence that went in the equipment and materials used or the integrity of the company and crew doing the actual piering. All Mid America components are engineer design and approved. Our hydraulic equipment is manufactured exclusively for us, to our specifications and is unequaled in the industry. Our piering system can be installed quickly and easily with little excavation and no heavy equipment and our results are guaranteed.


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