Leaky Basement – Winchester, Missouri 63021

A wet basement can lead to many hazards throughout a house; you could have annoyances ranging from just losing living space to risking the structural stability of your whole house. Our company has been helping Winchester property owners correct their foundation leaks for longer than two decades. We offer you with permanent solutions such as basement waterproofing, foundation repair, sump pump repair, and crawl space solutions. We can help you turn your leaky basement into a dry basement which is prepared to be finished or be used as a storage area.

Basement Waterproofer – Winchester, Missouri 63021

Basement waterproofing is simply the act of making sure that regardless of the amount of water in or next to your foundation, the basement stays dry, safe and livable. Our company helps Winchester property owners with total foundation waterproofing. We provide waterproofing systems such as interior waterproofing drains, exterior waterproofing methods and french drains. Foundation waterproofing will impressively increase the financial worth of any Winchester property, and even|help you up to|as much as} double your living space.

Our foundation waterproofing system is a dependable, durable foundation waterproofing system which redirects the moisture away from your foundation and into a sump pump. Compared with many similar basement waterproofing systems, our interior waterproofing system can help keep your moldy foundation totally dry, and won't ever clog or fail.

Foundation Repair – Winchester, MO, 63021

If your home is suffering from leaning basement walls, foundation wall cracks, a settling foundation or other foundation problems, we offer many foundation repair products which can fix your foundation, stabilize your home and in some situations return the foundation to its initial orientation. We install wall anchors that will return your walls back to their initial position if they have bowed inwards from soil pressure building up. We also offer epoxy injections which will seal basement wall cracks and prevent water leaks through the foundation, keep bugs out, and make sure that your basement wall is safe once more. We also offer foundation piering, a method of correcting a sinking foundation by switching the load of your home to stable soil or bedrock far beneath your house.

Our foundation repair methods will ensure that your basement is structurally sound and rescue your foundation from failure and expensive repairs.

Sump Pumps – Winchester, MO, 63021

Sump pumps are crucial for keeping a leak-free basement. Your sump pump is the last step in interior waterproofing; the water which is collected from around and beneath your foundation is redirected to the sump pit, where the sump pump ejects the water away from your house and your foundation. Mid America Piering offers many different sump pumps that range in power and features, such as battery back up sump pumps, water alarms and air-tight sump pump lids to prevent problems such as children and debris falling into a sump pump, or radon gas escaping into your basement.

Crawl Space Encapsulation – Winchester, Missouri 63021

If your crawlspace is damp or moldy, we will help you fix the existing structure, stabilize the space, and totally seal off your crawlspace from the earth. Our crawl space waterproofing includes a plastic barrier which entirely encapsulated from the soil, as well as crawl space sump pumps and effective drainage systems. This advanced method of crawl space repair can ensure that your property is sealed from toxic gasses and safe from crawl space mold.

If you have any questions about our basement waterproofing, sump pumps, foundation repairs or crawlspace repairs, email us now.

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