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Basement Wall and Floor Crack Repair

St. Louis Basement Crack Repair

Basement wall and floor cracks can be a serious issue both with the structural stability of your home and with water seepage in your basement and crawl spaces. Our team at Mid America Piering understands the severity of the issue and offers professional wall crack and floor crack repair services to help seal cracks permanently and keep water out of your basement.

If you notice cracks in your foundation contact our team. We can help you with a free estimate on wall crack repair services in St. Louis.

What Causes Wall and Floor Cracks

There are two main causes for wall and floor cracks, hydrostatic pressure and foundation settlement. These two issues put stress on the walls and floors of your foundation causing cracks to appear. These cracks, even the smallest ones, can lead to water leaks, bowed walls, and several other foundation issues.

Be sure to check your foundation walls frequently for cracks and dampness.

How We Repair Wall and Floor Cracks

Our team uses two main methods to repair and seal foundation cracks, carbon fiber repair and epoxy injection. Both methods are meant to seal the cracks, however, carbon fiber repairs are used mainly in spots with large cracks that are at risk of growing and causing more damage to your foundations.

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection for wall crack repair is a process in which high strength and waterproof epoxy is injected into an existing wall crack. Once dry the epoxy acts as a strengthener to help stabilize the structure of the wall while also sealing off any potential leaks that may occur because of the crack.

Epoxy injection is one of the more popular walls and floor crack repair methods used in the St. Louis area and even when carbon fiber repair is used, is often used beforehand to seal the interior of the crack.

Carbon Fiber Repair

Carbon fiber repair is primarily used only for foundation wall cracks. It is less effective on floor cracks as the main cause of floor cracks is settlement. Carbon fiber wall crack repair is a process that involves using thick carbon fiber strips to cover the cracks. Coupled with an epoxy coating the carbon fiber hardens until it is stronger than the concrete that it is covering.

Carbon fiber crack repair is one of the most effective ways to stop cracks from spreading on your foundation walls.

Contact Our Experts for Wall and Floor Crack Repair Services

If you have noticed water leaks from cracks, or cracks in your foundation contact our team. We can help you fix any wall cracks. Get a free estimate by filling out online contact form, or by calling our experts at 314-428-2324.

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