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Basement Waterproofing

At Mid America Piering, we provide Saint Louis homeowners and businesses basement waterproofing services to fix wet basement problems caused from issues with the following:

Common Basement Problems

Hydrostatic (water) pressure is the most common cause of a wet basement. This is the pressure exerted on foundation walls, footings, and basement floors by underground water and is produced by higher water tables, poor soil percolation and/or poor drainage systems adjacent to the structure.

The greater accumulation of underground water, particularly from rain and melting snow, the greater the pressure exerted on foundation walls and floors. A high percentage of foundation cracks and floor cracks are a direct result of hydrostatic pressure.

French Drain System

Typically, water enters the basement through foundation cracks, floor cracks and/or through the juncture of the floor and walls, however water can enter the basement from over the top of foundation walls, thought motor joints, and windows. If a basement waterproofing system is not implemented, the water will promote deterioration in walls and floors and the basement will remain chronically damp.

Mid America Piering can solve your basement leakage problems permanently. Deterioration to foundation walls, footing and floors can be prevented by diverting water and alleviating the pressure from water. Our Interior Drain Tile System uses drain tile and a submersible pump to divert and push water away from the structure preventing future damage and deterioration to foundation walls.

Basement Water Warning Signs

If you notice any of the following, then you need to get in touch with us immediately:

  • Water damage on walls, floors, or on the ceiling
  • Mold can be seen growing under the home - or if your family is suffering from unexplained medical problems
  • Puddles of water can be seen on the basement floor
  • Boxes, pictures, clothing, etc. stored in the basement are getting damaged
  • Water can be seen leaking in over the top of the foundation, through windows, or through the cove joint
  • Sump pump is making odd noises and not getting rid of water like normal
  • Wood below the home is starting to rot or warp, including floor joists and support beams

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